Last Minute Changes

I just had to share my last minute change to my "Free Choice" center. 
This treasure of a book cart was just sitting in our work room with a "who wants it" paper on it. So I snatched it.
I used to have my free choice center in my shelves along the wall. That was okay cause I didn't have room for it anywhere else. But that area was always getting congested. I ditched my rolling easel and brought in this baby. I've used it only one day and have had no traffic jams. 
 The front is perfect for my drawing books. Finally they wont be falling over!
 Right side. Easy access to materials.
Left side. I love how students can access three sides at once so they don't have much temptation to push and shove at clean up. 


Deanna Price said...

I love this idea! I am definitely using it this year. I just started a blog too. MissPricesArtRoom.blogspot.com Thanks for all your awesome ideas!

Ashley said...

Sweet, that's a great idea!

Mrs. Derusha said...

This is awesome! I've tried looking for a similar cart, but no luck. By any chance do you have any idea where this came from? Thanks :)

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