2012 Art Show

This year I decided to take a great tip from Patty at Deep Space Sparkle.  I cut butcher paper to display 2D work for each class.  Average class size of 24 kids had to have 2 butcher papers for work.  I would have each student pick their favorite work from their portfolio, and put a name label on it.  Once everyone had chosen, I would tape (masking tape) the work to the butcher paper, roll it loosely, and label it with the teacher's code.  The rolled paper would be stored vertically until the show.

To hang the work on the "all purpose room's" walls I used my favorite tool, masking tape.  I use Sherwin Williams brand contractors tape.  Don't use the cheep stuff!  I had six student helpers create tape rolls and attach them to plastic covered mats.  Once a mat was covered in tape the students would then pass them off to me and other volunteers to attach to the back of the butcher paper to hang on the wall.  Students would start a new mat each time they finished.  We were a well oiled machine.
Below, student tape more work to butcher paper that I didn't have time to do during class. Notice the tape mats around the room. 
Sometimes taping got a little crazy!
The finished displays.  I start on one wall with CDC, Pre-K, and continue around the room.
 The two pieces of butcher paper for each class are hung side by side.  The teacher's name card is listed beside each display.  Notice we really didn't try to line things up perfectly unless we had to due to space. 
Note to self:  Next year get butcher paper before TCAPS.  The supplies were limited because teachers use the butcher paper to cover up instructional posters during testing.  Red and Yellow were the only colors left in the amount I needed. 

 Tables for 3D work.  Students could enter a second piece in the art show if they brought back their clay project. 
 A kindergarten class's circle painting mural. 
The favorite of the evening was the Ugly Doll table.  6th graders did such a great job!  Check back for this lesson. 


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