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This has been the best classroom management tip I have ever used. It came from Mrs. Brown's Art Class. Here is her facebook page where she describes her lessons in better detail. 
The competition is fierce!
All classes have a good behavior art party at the end of the year, but only one from each grade will have a surprise party! The class in each grade that has the most GREEN DAYS will win an Art SURPRISE PARTY!!
I have many ideas that include ice cream, splatter paint outside, water balloon fight, and many more. But I want more ideas!! 

If you could throw an ART surprise party.... What would you do? 

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lauralee said...

We have art parties when the kids earn all 6 colors of the rainbow. Some of their favorite things to do are pictionary ( I draw on the easel, they compete in teams to guess first) we play color bingo which I made, we have art auctions on reproductions with mona money that I made...we do some drama stuff like statues, mirrors, magic clay, and some talking games like: talk about art for one minute without saying "UM" (any topic works)...we usually have a snack... sometimes I ask them to bring in something they collect, or something related to art from their home, I have loads more ideas as this was my college thesis!! Let me know if you'd like to contact me for more details. Lauralee

Holly V. said...

You could put a little liquid watercolor in some bubbles. Then have them blow bubbles onto a piece of paper.

Phyl said...

Every semester a class or two earns a pop-pop party (that's popcorn and popsicles) for class behavior in art.

We also play an art room version of pictionary (I give out a word or phrase to an "artist" from each table; they draw to get their tablemates guess the word) or Color and Shape Bingo (seems crazy, but the kids LOVE this game). And stickers. everyone loves stickers!!

Dani's Art Shop said...

I'd like to hear more, Laualee! What other fun art games do you have? I want to have a "surprise" party in my art classes, but age appropriate and educational. I teach K-8 Art. Thanks!! Danielle

Dani's Art Shop said...

I'd like to hear more art games from Lauralee! I teach K-8 Art. Thanks!

Dani's Art Shop said...

I'd like to hear more Lauralee! I teach K-8 art. Thanks!

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