A Disaster... So I thought...

One day I decided that I would challenge my 1st grade students with a lesson I had not done before with this age group. 
Symmetrical Ghosts with positive/negative space
I said I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I don't think I was quite prepared for what I ended up with. By the end of the period I rushed the kids to finish out of sheer frustration of the numerous questions I was asked. I just couldn't understand why they didn't get it. I was so tired of hearing my name at the end of the period, I could have screamed. While leaving for bus duty I took this parting shot.
After bus duty I had some time to cool down. Like I'm sure we have all gone through, I realized the problem was not the students but me. I was wiped by that time in the week and with all the "wedding stuff" I'd had to do, I really didn't need to try something new without preparation.... but I was bored and went against my better judgment and did it anyway. 
When I was finally able to look through their work, I was surprised. I don't know what blinders I had on during the class.... But they got it! In their own way... but they got it! I just didn't take the time to explain every step (hence all the questions) but by the time I had answered all of them... "By George they got it!" Take a look

notice the violet and black one :)

Majority, got it... 
The reason for this post was to show myself that you should never be unprepared. If you are, then be prepared for the frustration and take what you get. Don't ever come down on your students for something that is not their fault. 9 times out of 10 it was something that you could have done better. And never give yourself more than you can handle. 


tishalou said...

YES! love this. I have apologized to a class before telling them - I am sorry you didn't get it and thank you for helping me teach it better next time! Sometimes I even start out saying this is the first time I have taught this - let me know if you like it, if you are not understanding, etc! I think they like to feel part of the teaching process.

Art Project Girl said...

It's happened to all of us! Especially about everyday the first year teaching when EVERYTHING is new. I think they did really well too. That is nice Tishalou! I think the best thing about you is that you are able to be honest and reflect on your teaching and work with the kids you have. That makes you great. There are a lot of teachers who just say "these kids. . . " in the faculty room. Wouldn't it be funny if the students said "these teachers. . . " in the lunch room!

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