Scholastic Teacher a Valuable Resource

   I wanted to share some pretty awesome news from Scholastic! They have relaunched their Instructor magazine! Now they are the new and improved  Scholastic Teacher. I know we have many fabulous Arts Education magazines out there, but I'm curious… How many of you look to other educational magazine resources? 

   I used to think they weren't for me because the "regular ed" teachers wouldn't understand my woes. Quite the contrary! I started reading Scholastic's Instructor magazine a few years ago and it had many helpful tips and tricks of the trade I could incorporate into my art classroom. In fact, we can not only reach for this resource, but they reach out to art educators as well. A tip of mine , "Put a Cap On It" was recently featured in one of their past issues. 

   I believe that in order to keep up with the ever changing times in our field, it's important to look outside of our subject area and look for new ideas. I'm currently working on my masters in curriculum and instruction and have taken many learning strategies geared for reading and language arts and applied them into my art classes.
Frayer Models and the Elements of Art

   Yes, we are "ART" teachers, but I urge you as an educator to push yourself to always be on top of the latest and greatest from all areas of the education world. Who knows, you might just learn something…

Here are a few pretty cool articles from their relaunch issue:
My Best Lesson Ever…

Brilliant, But Bored

Crazy for Chromebooks

Army of Funders

   If you like what you see and would like a FREE subscription to Scholastic Teacher tell me about a learning strategy, organizational tip, or other tool of the trade you have learned from another subject area and how you incorporated it into your art classroom. 


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