Family Art Night

Last school year I held my first family art night. 
Because we are a Title 1 school we have to hold several parent involvement nights. I was approached by our title 1 staff and was excited to give it a try. Art Night was held on the same night as parent teacher conferences. If you want more people, host these events on a night when most parents will be sure to attend. Another good example would be book fair night. Here are some of my Pinspirations:

January Show
The Set up
I used table cloths from book fair and covered all the cafeteria tables I needed. 
 5 stations with 2 tables for each. I also had many specialist, sped teachers, and assistants help out. I couldn't have done it without them.
 Marble painting
 Pinch pots with model magic
 Printing for stamps
 All materials were purchased with Title funds and not my art funds. This was to make sure we could have more art nights in the future and other teachers could also use the materials for projects in their classes. I used Patty's idea from Deep Space Sparkle to create boards with directions. I used science boards and painters tape to display the directions. The painters tape allows me to easily peal off the directions for future ones. Parent volunteers helped me put these together. 
I never got a chance to take my own photos. These are scanned from our year book.
It was a huge success. Not even the impending ice storm could keep families away!

 Doing what I do best, talking. 
 Marble painting was the most fun station!

Signs were on tables reminding everyone to write their name and child's teacher on the back. They were told to take them home tonight if the papers were dry. I returned all others the next day. 
This is a table for Kindergarten work.
Family art night was a lot of work, but a whole lot of fun. It was such a joy seeing families creating art together. There was no fee for admission. 


Mrs. Yazzie's Classroom News said...

Well done! So amazed! I'd love to do something like that at our school. Thanks for the inspiration.

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